trombone, cor des Alpes / Alphorn, composition, musical pedagogy
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 Yet, nothing excites this musician more than breath, the essence of playing any wind instrument. His fascination with breath stimulates him to explore the technical, acoustic and expressive potential of his instrument, even expanding going so far as to prolong these aspects through electronic instruments similar to those used by guitarists (loopers and filters). These effects allow Pascal Schaer to play solo, bass or to create spontaneous arrangements or environments.
While his music has a definite jazz and “groove” flair, one hears clearly the influence of all the other musical worlds through which Pascal Schaer has traveled: jazz, classical and contemporary music, rock, blues, current and world music.
Pascal Schaer is an open-minded, passionate musician whose burning desire for musical freedom drives him relentlessly towards creative and sensational musical experiments.
His enthusiasm for improvisation is intrinsically tied to the way he uses composition to express his musical energy that crystallises as melodies, forms and concepts for the listener.
Contacts : Pascal Schaer 30 chemin du Pont-Perrin 1226 Thônex, Genève, Suisse
tél/fax : +41 22 3470090  email :